Kribbitt Sale in Victoria BC

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Photos: Blue Kribbit is shown holding an iPad and the Green Kribbit is a selfie demonstrating how it will sit on your leg (no hands!) while sitting or lying down.

I’ve now moved and downsizing is cruel … my KRIBBIT stock must go … in the Sidney/Victoria/Westshore BC Areas only … was $35 each (retail price is $40 + tax) and NOW only $30 cash1 This is the original Kribbitt Tablet Stand which I was so  impressed by that I decided to help Paul sell his product even before they were in stores. I use 2 of them myself, one for my Samsung Tab and another for my iPad. My daughter has Fibromyalgia and it helps her upper body immensely! I can’t be without my KRIBBIT, they save my wrists, hands, arms and shoulders from terrible pain due to the many hours I can spend using a mouse or holding a tablet. I can’t say enough about them but I am too busy to actively market them so this is to YOUR benefit!  We moved last month and with boxes all over the place, the colourful design helps me find my tablet more easily as they are always standing up (see above). I have an assortment of colours.

They are especially wonderful for kids, seniors and anyone with a disability. We all know accidents can happen so easily and I particularly find my iPad heavy and slippery to hold. But using the Kribbitt I am much more comfortable and confident I won’t drop it. If I should drop it, the rubber stand helps to cushion the taIblet. There are additional benefits too … it’s colourful (foamy-type) covering allows it to ‘stick’ to everything from counters, a desk cluttered with paper, bedclothes, and my knee as I watch TV. This enables both ‘hands-free’ use and also prevent falls.

Questions? Orders? … just contact me on any of my Contact Pages (this website or Facebook), luvbks at (replace ‘at’ with @ ) or phone 250-477-0192 and leave a message,

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Website Changes

Welcome to my new website,

As you may have discovered, changes are happening to this website. My author website including Joyce’s Blog of self-publishing tips has been moved and integrated with our main website at or on the “Our Novels” tab above. You can find all our historical novels and audios there as well as our biographies, events schedule, school information and our shopping cart.

Stay here awhile and enjoy my British Columbia nature photos from my camera (coming) and friends (thanks Dave Horn for the waterfall in Wells Gray Provincial Park). Check out my new product … the ingenious tablet stand, called a Kribbitt, made right here in Canada by a local BC fellow. Go to Kribbitt tab above.

Then please visit “Our Novels” (above) where I will introduce you to my husband’s (and mine!)  bestselling novels for all ages. We have a new one coming in 2014 so check that out too!

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Musical Reality Show Losers Succeed

What happens to the winners and losers of Music Reality Shows? 

I love music reality shows and seeing the wonderful new talent, especially the singers, as I used to be one myself, but … what really happens to the singers who come 2nd, 3rd etc?

I love an underdog success story and, as time allows, I will follow some of these potentially new International stars …

Music has been in my life since I was about 12 but in my 20s I was trained in classical music. Thus, some of my favourite reality shows became American Idol, The Voice, X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent. They do the world of music a huge service by helping unknown people get discovered and, at the same time, bring us some wonderful talent that would never have been discovered. Naturally, I like it even more when that singer has an extra special talent as these noted below and/or sings Classical Music.

So, for the past few years or so I have followed some of the kids/adults who start out on these show and see how they make out in their lives.  One thing we have to remember about these contests, it is the votes of the people who decide their talent and often the public votes with their heart and not for the best talent. Often talented singers do not make it to the end but thankfully, they continue to strive for stardom. Meet some of the stalwart people who have already made it as well as others I predict will go far.

Britain’s Got Talent and XFactor

Rion Paige – (Top 5 – 20113) This very special 13 year-old girl wowed Simon, the judges and audiences on XFactor.  youtube   facebook   website

Andrew Johnston (came 3rd @ 13 years old – 2008)  facebook   website  Look at him now!! He had some tough times with his voice change and in 2014 was studying to be an opera singer.
Connie Talbot – (6? years old – 2007)  website   facebook   She’s doing it on her own … and she was discovered cause she’s travelling and was on the #GravityTour in 2014. Well done Connie, you deserve the best … a lovely singer and perfect for teens. All the best :)
Charlie Green – (10 years old – 2008)  audition   2012   website     Facebook
Wow an English Buble’ – lost in semis after judges criticized his song choice!

Susan Boyle (47 years old -2nd Place-2009)  facebook   twitter-fans  audios
2012: A middle-aged, shy, Christian, Scottish karaoke singer who proved to the world you could learn to be a star. She’s now a super successful pop/inspirational singer who has had a lot to contend with but is learning to enjoy her success through her world travels and her eager fans. Her voice is that of an angel and I could listen to her cds all day! That lady has courage and thank you Simon Cowell for believing in her and helping her succeed!

Jonathan and Charlotte  (opera teens-2nd place -2012) audition  semis   final  first album  What a marvelous team, Charlotte helped shy Jonathan be discovered. Brava to both of you!  They came 2nd to a dog act!!  BUT … Simon Cowell signed them to a record contract in 05/12. I knew he couldn’t resist!! In early 2014, they were both given separate recording contracts by Sony and these friends are now seeking their own individual success and they are flying high!

America’s Got Talent
Katharine McPhee  (runner-up – 2006) Now a successful recording artist who in 2012 starred in her own hit TV Show “Smash” for several seasons.

Korea’s Got Talent
Choi, Sung-Bong (runner-up 2011 – 22 years) audition  Unbelievable voice and personal story, lived on street from age of 5. He’s still singing today in 2014.  2012

Singers Who Won
Paul Potts  (BGT-2007-age 37)     website   web-news     facebook     twitter
An very ordinary guy who had been bullied all his life and had numerous accidents, loved opera and decided to compete that year blowing everyone away with his voice.
2012: A super successful opera singer who travels the world and has several cds.
MORE to come as time allows!

If interested, here is one website I reference for their more recent success:
What happened to them?