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If you are looking for my Publishing Tips Blog … it has been moved to our books website which I share with my bestselling author/husband, J. Robert Whittle. This blog is now mainly composed of my interests and activities and as I feel my way through something different, I intend to have some fun with it … at my age, I’m allowed! I won’t be adding regular posts because I still have books to write, edit and publish. In the meantime, check out my new Tablet Stand … the Kribbitt (see image to left) … I use 2 of them daily and they come in really cool colours :) I have a green and a blue one.

kribbitt-blue Here’s a quick intro to this new (2013) tech discovery … the Kribbitt, a fun and ingenious tablet stand invented by a Canadian and manufactured right here on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. I was so impressed with its pretzel-like moveable-style, and how the Kribbitt eased my wrist and arm pain (from using the tablet), that I bought one … and became a huge fan overnight!


If you live in the Victoria BC area, you can purchase a Kribbitt from me with my special cash discount … more details at my Kribbitt Website.

Thanks for visiting … now go and make your day wonderful!!